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This is pretty much just to get this forum started.

Anywho, what are your favourite (and anticipated favourite) sets in the new GoT line?

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I think there should be a disclaimer that names in all GoT threads will most likely be spelled wrong.

Arena of Obryn Martel and the Mountain when they fight for the fate of Tyrion.

Hardhome The freefolks last bastion under siege from weights with the wildling armour jon snow

Battle of the Bastards at the front gate of Winterfel

Ned Stark at the Wyrr Tree

Dothrakki Camp

Dothrakki Riders army pack

Night King with the weight'd dragon

Arya n the Hound at the inn eating chicken with the stark shaped bread.

Crastors Keep

Robert Barathion's Jousting Tourny.

Winter's Fall. End season battle of Winterfel against the long night. Includes Sir Barriston with his sword and a gummy orange flame attachment to slide over the blade.

Cleganebowl. Battle between the Hound and the Mountain.

Large 50+ Figurine packs of Wildlings/Lannisters Starks/Weights Dothrakii/Kingsguard Knights Watch/Lannisters

Bran's north of the wall crew.

Gates of Kings Landing w/Dragon Balistas.

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Hey, Game of Thrones is here!

I want some knights. I know nothing about Game of Thrones, but it has knights, right?

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I'm guessing the Dragon. There's been leaked like. Two sets only. Mega confirmed Drogon on Instagram today.

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An Iron Throne set is a given, I think.

Army packs would be welcome.

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MCX are a funny thing. They are designed in a very cute, yet equally cool way. They make me want to buy characters that I might not ordinarily want in any another style.

-Ser Jorah
-Oberyn Martell
-Jon Snow

-The Hound
-Jamie Lannister
-Ser Davos

-Brienne of Tarth
-Bronn ( sellsword )
-Gray Worm

-Ned Stark
-Barriston Selmy

( I'm no GoT expert....I heard to Google some of these names )

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I've never seen GOT but an Iron Throne would be cool along with battle packs

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Unsullied army.
Nights watch.
Golden Army

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Make a Dothraki blood screamer kinda like to call of duty man on a horse

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Hey guys, just want to let you all know that the sets are available for preorder on GameStop. It says they were supposed to be released September 1st, but I guess that was a lie. Head over there if you’re interested!

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