Kinsano Cyclops Raid found in SoCal Target!

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Finally a new set which I don't mind getting! Honestly, not too many announced sets (not figures, but actual build sets) coming up are that appealing to me. The Kinsano Cyclops at least looked different and interesting. I was really surprised when I stumbled upon it last night at a Target near me. I thought Target had reduced itself to just the blind bags, Heroes, and drop pods for Halo. Thankfully, I was wrong. I don't forsee Target carrying the larger, upcoming Halo sets in-store. Maybe smaller ones like the security Warthog and Green Machine sets. The Kinsano Cyclops Raid DCPI is 204-07-0072.

I built it last night. Rather solid. There are a few little things I might try to modifiy. And I'm tempted to get more of these and trick them out with different weapon system. I much prefer this build to the last round of Cyclops which were fragile and couldn't handle posing without limbs and pieces popping off. Also of note is they included an alternate helmeted head for Kinsano herself. I thought that was a nice touch. Hopefully, next time a Marine troop pack is made, they include an alternate, helmeted head for the officer.

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Let’s hope they work their way up to Northern California.

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Ah yes I noticed the alternate helmet in the instruction sheet. I looked at the build of it, looks pretty nice and I’m glad it’s pretty solid. Guess I’ll add it to the list.

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I'll keep my eyes open.

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Its in the MidWest already. I saw 6 in one Target and 3 in another. Alongside some drop pods and Series 8.

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