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Mattallica wrote:
Mon Mar 04, 2019 3:45 pm
just picked up series 8 spartan recruit didnt notice until i got home but only the right side of his helmet has flames on it is this an error?
Yeah, sounds like something went wrong. Here's what the figure is supposed to look like.
https://www.megaconstrux.com/en-us/worl ... an-recruit

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bummer ill have to try and find another
thanks for the reply

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Mattallica wrote:
Mon Mar 04, 2019 3:45 pm
just picked up series 8 spartan recruit didnt notice until i got home but only the right side of his helmet has flames on it is this an error?
Could you post a picture on the Gallery?

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Recently added the Kodiak and Wolverine sets to my collection

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Time for the almost yearly update.

Note that individual old gen figures I have from random sets haven’t been kept track of.

1x Aerial Ambush
1x Covenant Ghost
1x UNSC Hornet
1x UNSC Scorpion
2x UNSC Warthog

1x Covenant Combat Unit
1x UNSC Pelican Dropship
1x Halo Wars Combat Unit 3
1x ODST Heavy Weapons Specialist
1x UNSC Mongoose
1x UNSC Rocket Warthog
2x UNSC Green Combat Unit

1x Arctic Combat Unit
1x Covenant Banshee
1x Covenant Brute Prowler
2x Micro Action Figures Series 2
1x ODST Ambush (ODST Only)
1x UNSC Elephant
1x UNSC Rockethog vs Anti-Aircraft Gun
1x UNSC Falcon with Landing Pad
1x Covenant Phantom

1x Covenant Armoury Pack
1x Covenant Shade Turret
1x Halo Battlescape 2
5x Micro Action Figures Series 4
1x UNSC Spade VS Skirmisher
1x Covenant Armoury Pack 2
1x UNSC Cobalt Combat Unit
1x Orbital Banshee Blitz
1x Halo Battlescape 3
1x UNSC Rhino
2x Countdown
1x Warthog Resistance (Warthog Only)

4x Micro Action Figures Series 6
1x UNSC Ammo Pack 1
1x UNSC Orange Combat Unit
1x Covenant Cobalt Combat Unit
1x UNSC Cryo Bay
1x Covenant Spectre Ambush
1x UNSC Mantis
1x Cauldron Clash
3x Micro Action Figures Series 7
1x Covenant Weapons Pack
1x UNSC Weapons Pack
1x Forerunner Weapons Pack
1x UNSC C&C Console
1x UNSC Hanger Deck
1x Forerunner Terminal
1x ODST Battle Unit
1x Brute Battle Unit
1x UNSC Siege Bike
1x UNSC Light Assault VTOL
1x UNSC Night Ops Gausshog
1x UNSC Anti-Armour Cobra
1x UNSC Hornet VS Covenant Vampire
1x UNSC Jungle Strike Cyclops
1x UNSC Flood Hunter Falcon
1x UNSC Mammoth

4x Metallic Series 1
- 1x Red Pod
- 1x Silver Pod
- 1x Blue Pod
- 1x Green Pod
3x UNSC Weapons Pack 2 (1st Edition)
1x Spartan IV Battle Pack
1x Rapid Attack Ghost
1x UNSC Offworld Cyclops (1st Edition)
8x Micro Action Figures Series 8
1x UNSC Quad Walker (1st Edition)
8x Micro Action Figures Series 9
1x Spartan Assault Battle Pack
1x Sector 12 NMPD Cyclops
2x UNSC All-Terrain Mongoose
1x Fireteam Crimson
1x Fireteam Venom
1x UNSC Broadsword Midnight Strike
1x UNSC Elephant Troop Transport (Plus 8 additional medics bought seperate)
24x Micro Action Figures Series Alpha
8x Metallic Series 2
- 3x Copper Pod
- 3x Blue Pod
- 1x Crimson Pod
- 1x Purple Pod
2x NMPD Air Support Hornet
1x UNSC Flame Warthog
5x UNSC Wombat Recon Drone
2x NMPD Cruiser Standoff
1x Revenant Raid
1x Spartan IV Battle Pack
1x Forerunner Weapons Pack
5x UNSC Offworld Cyclops (Figures Only)
1x Micro Fleet Falcon Conquest (Figure Only)
1x Micro Fleet Hornet Assault (Figure Only)
1x Micro Fleet Mantis Invasion (Figure Only)
1x Micro Fleet Warthog Attack (Figure Only)
1x RC Mantis (Figure Only)

1x NMPD Pelican Airbase
1x Smuggler Intercept
1x ODST Troop Pack
1x NMPD Warthog
1x Phaeton Gunship
1x Banshee Strike
1x Covenant Commander (1x Individual Ghost)
1x Victor Squad
1x Fireteam Rhino
1x Flood Infected Cyclops
1x Damage Control Cyclops
1x UNSC Vulture Gunship
1x UNSC Attack Gausshog
1x UNSC Gungoose
1x Fireteam Taurus
1x Covenant Armour Customiser
1x Covenant Weapons Customiser
10x Metallic Series 3
- 1x Blue Pod
- 3x Stealth Pod
- 3x Jungle Pod
- 3x Arctic Pod
1x Promethean Warriors
~20x Charlie Series
3x Sierra Squad
1x Fireteam Eagle
1x Covenant Drone Outbreak
1x Booster Frame
1x Heavy Assault Cyclops
2x NMPD Customiser
5x Spartan Customiser
~17x Bravo Series
1x Scorpion’s Sting

- 2x MasterChief
- 1x Spartan Orbital
- 1x Spartan Defender
- 1x Spartan Vale
- 1x Spartan Throne
- 2x ODST Buck
3x Metallic Series 4
- 1x Crimson Pod
- 1x Silver Pod
- 1x Gold Pod
1x Spartan Customiser
1x Promethean Weapons Customiser
1x Fireteam Stingray
1x Covenant Storm Lance
1x Covenant Watch Tower
~105 Delta Series
4x Yankee Squad
5x Brute Lance
8x Echo Series
1x Foxtrot Series
7x UNSC Jackrabbit Blitz
1x Incinerator Cyclops
2x Strike Cyclops
- 5x Sergeant Forge
- 1x ODST Romeo
- 1x Spartan Demarco
- 1x Spartan Scout
- 1x Spartan Ocienic
- 1x Spartan Gungir
1x 2016 Exclusive Convention Flame Marine
1x ODST Armour Customiser
1x Elite Weapons Customiser
5x Brute Chopper Raid
2x Dual Mode Warthog
1x UNSC Kodiak Siege Cannon
1x Covenant Spirit Dropship
1x Spartan IV Battle Pack 3

- 2x Spartan Jerome
- 3x Atriox
- 1x Spartan Helioskrill
- 2x Spartan Palmer
- 1x Spartan Hoya
- 9x Elite Honorguard
2x Banished Ghost Rush (Plus one additional Brute)
1x Fireteam Osiris
1x Blue Team
2x Fireteam Shadow
4x Swords of Sanghelious Lance
2x Desert Sniper Cyclops
~16x Maverick Series
- 1x Spartan Madsen
- 1x Decimus
- 1x Captain Cutter
- 1x Spartan Wetwork
- 1x Spartan Argus
- 1x Dare
- 1x MasterChief
- 1x Arbiter
- 1x Prophet of Truth
- 1x Sergeant Johnson
- 1x Cortana
- 1x Brute Bodyguard
5x Operation Throne Drop Pod
3x Operation Stonebreak Drop Pod
2x Fireteam Dagger
2x CTF Arctic Warthog
2x Warzone Wasp Strike
1x Wolverine Charge
1x UNSC Brute Skirmish (Plus 1 Extra Mark IV)
1x Challenger Series

1x Covenant Grunt Goblin
2x Banished Ghost Brawl
- 1x Spartan Jun
- 1x Spartan Grant
- 1x Roland
- 1x Let Volir
- 1x Spartan Athlon
- 1x Spartan Helljumper
- 1x Spartan Carter
- 1x ODST Dutch
- 1x Captain Lasky
- 1x Jul Mdama
- 1x Spartan Vector
- 1x Spartan Mark VI
11x Stormbound Series
1x Operation Vertias Drop Pod
1x Operation Oceanbreaker Drop Pod
1x Operation Bronze Cobra Drop Pod
- 1x Jackal Minor
- 1x Spartan Recruit
- 1x Spartan Centurion
- 1x Spartan Emile
- 1x MasterChief
- 1x Doctor Halsey
4x ONI Strike Team Heavies
1x Woodland Gungoose
1x Forgehog vs Banished Goliath
6x BFTA Series

1x Kinsano Cyclops Raid (Kinsano Only)
1x Siege Armour Pack
1x Covert Armour Pack
- 1x Jorge
- 1x Captain Keyes
- 1x Sesa Refumee
- 1x Graves
- 1x Spartan Soldier
- 1x Spartan Warmaster
2x New Dawn Series
1x Warthog Run
- 1x MasterChief
- 1x Rookie
- 1x Noble Six
- 1x Kat
- 1x Cortana
- 1x Arbiter
- 1x Tartarus
- 1x Yap Yap
- 1x Mercy
- 3x Didact*

And that’s it for now.

* The third Didact was a complete accident caused by miss communication. My first Didact had two left arms so I was a bit frustrated (aswell as my parents who it was partially a gift from). I discovered that with the newest waves of sets I could request a replacement figure so I requested a replacement Didact and told my father it wasn’t a problem anymore. However during this he had contacted the seller and asked if they could send a replacement (which they did) and thought he wouldn’t mention it. As a result we accidentally received two additional Didacts and I feel kinda guilty about it so the thirds still sealed.

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Wow that's a collection.

I should do mine soon...

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I posted pics of my collection a while back..

Since its probably grown by some ODST, a small group of marines, a few elites and some drones, perhaps some spartans.

Probably in January i'll update it.

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Feel free to donate to the European MCX foundation.

Trying to bring MCX to Europe since 2019.

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