Cyclops. What's your fav design?

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I honestly like the older, blocky design and I would like to know what you users think.

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Typically I don’t say OG, but I gotta agree.

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I like the new exos, but the old cyclops would be cool to have back.

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I like the new ones for their size, I have one of one and it’s nice but it feels to small to me, a prefect one to me would have the blocky look like the og and the hugest and articulation of the newest one

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I like the new joints on the Cyclops.

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Honestly, it's gonna be hard to top the Flood Cyclops in my opinion.
I just love that one.
That's the best part about the old style. They got creative with it.

The new ones are good as well.
I do like the size increase and the fact they have actual hands now.
Joint system however could use a bit of revision to make it so the hinge joints don't disconnect so easily.

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