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Your first ever Halo set.

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Dang, it was $30? I should have swiped it then.

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My first Halo Mega Bloks set was the original Pelican from 2010 with 2 yellow Spartan IV’s and a yellow Hyabusa Spartan.

I was looking around the toys section at Walmart and came across it in the clearance section for $30. I’m a huge Halo fan and I didn’t even know Mega Bloks made Halo sets back then. It looked cool and was a good sized set for $30. So I picked it up and put it together over the next couple of days... and it had begun.

Now 9 years and a few grand later my wife probably wishes I had never seen that “cheap” Halo Mega Bloks set. 😂
Yeah, mega and [competitor] puts a strain on your wallet... And your relationship.

Unless you can't find many sets, so you can't buy them...


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I had two, they were both the red and blue snowbound weapon packs. I got them back in 2014 from Target and let me tell you, there was a literal pile of them on the shelf of the Mega Bloks section. Such great memories.

I believe my first one was a blind bag gray EVA spartan with plasma rifle, loved it, but unfortunately one hand broke after opening it

The target exclusive glow in the dark set, followed by assault on high ground. My son and I have been buying and collecting ever since.

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