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List any Destiny vehicle, character, enemy, armor, weapon or location you'd like to see made into Mega Construx:

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I jumped ship with the new anti-community expansion, I mean Shadowkeep, after years of defending Bungie (which stung because I preordered all of the battle passes and expansions for the next year), but I still have D1 on my PS4 and I just can't make myself get rid of it because it's a wonderful game with barely any micro transactions.

I would LOVE to get sets more sets and characters from D1. Here's my wish list. I wonder if you can figure out my favorite D1 enemy factions:

1. A Dreg, Vandal, Shank, and Captain for each of the Fallen Houses.
2. A buildable or molded Servitor
3. A Psion, Legionary, Phalanx, Centurion, and Colossus for each Cabal Legion (especially Skyburners and Sand Eaters).
4. Variks
5. Multiple Tower NPC packs until we have all of the NPCs from D1 (same goes for the Reef)
6. A faction leader pack with all three faction leaders and a Guardian.
7. Taken figures.
8. A set that's just Rahool, an exotic engram for a Guardian to give him, and a handful of Aether Seeds for Rahool to decrypt it into.

Don't really like the Vex or Hive, so I don't really care much for figures of those two factions.

Edit: One more figure. The Iron Banner Hunter armor from The Taken King (the one with the wolf's head cape). I love that armor and have bought all three McFarlane figures that were made of it.

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More Vex.


More Iron Lords...

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Subclass specific figure packs? Like element pieces that look like the supers.

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nigelninja11 wrote:
Fri Nov 08, 2019 12:42 pm
Subclass specific figure packs? Like element pieces that look like the supers.
Ooh, yes!

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A couple Ideas I have are:
-Uldren Sov figure (mega has the pieces and it could look amazing)
-Micro mini sparrow (it just has to happen)
-Red legion Phalanx
-Scorn Barons
-Destiny 2 exotic fireteam including :
-Celestial Nighthawk hunter with sunshot
-Nezarecs sin warlock with Thunderlord
-One eyed mask (ew) titan with sweet business

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