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Assuming the orders all pan out, I will have by the end of August:

* Firebreak Weapons Crate
* Desert Weapons Crate
* Armored Division Weapons Crate
* Navy Weapons Crate
* Snowmobile Scout
* CoD Heroes Series 5

This leaves the Special Forces vs Submariners as the only released set on my list!

EDIT: Received all on that list except the snowmobile so fat.

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Just got the Snowmobile in and have the Special Forces vs Submariners on preorder.

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I have received the Special Forces vs Submariners. No new sets to get for this line until they release more.

EDIT: ColBosch, where'd you go! You were a good not-rival, more like impressive comrade in arms!

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I finally got the (thing that reminds me of a battlefield 3 BTR)-80 set. Hoping to get the ghost chopper from the same dude.

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Admiral-Sabree wrote:
Sun Oct 27, 2019 9:17 am
I finally got the (thing that reminds me of a battlefield 3 BTR)-80 set. Hoping to get the ghost chopper from the same dude.

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Single figure sets
Frank Woods
Jet pilot
John price
Mine specialist
Combat diver
Artic sniper
John "soap" mactavish
Fighter ace
Hazmat tech
Combat medic
Incendiary soldier
Battery x2
Keegan russ
Desert sniper
Vladimir makarov
Captain pelayo
Jungle fighter
Artic ranger
WWII Resistance fighter
Ghillie suit sniper x2
Seal specialist
Snowmobile scout
Mountain recon
Snowmobile recon
Desert outpost
ATV raid
Dragonfire drone x2
Ghost rappel fighter x2
SAM Turret
Rocket turret
Assault drone
Motorbike breakout
Legends motorbike raid
Anti-tank gun
Hoverbike raid
WWII Weapon crate
Sniper crate
Close quarters crate
Assault weapons crate
Firebreak crate
Navy crate
Desert crate x2
WWII armored division crate
Drone attack
Shadow Compny
Simon Riley
General Davis
Diego necali
Recon outpost

Zombie sets
Tranzit farm
Mob of the dead

Figure packs
Deset troopers
Alpine rangers
Sniper unit
Icarus troopers
Covert ops unit
Advanced troopers
Atlas troopers
Desert squad
Artic troopers
Jungle rangers
WWII battle pack
Classic infantry pack
Modern warfare armory
Mercenary outpost armory
Jungle satcom armory
Artic recon armory
WWII armory
Surface troops
Desert air defenders
Urban strike squad
Legends winter heroes
Legends allied soldiers
Enemy soldiers x3
Black ops 4 troop pack
Desert snipers vs mercenaries
Special forces vs submariners
Seal Team
Jungle Troopers

Larger sets
Rib beach assault
Rib coastal attack
Riverboat raid
Seal sub recon
Wraith attack
ATV ground recon
Light armor firebase
Artic invasion
Heavy tactical cargo truck
Landing craft invasion
WWII strike fighter
Infantry scout car
Legends checkpoint charge
Beach invasion
Chopper strike
Ghosts tactical helicopter
Urban assault copter
Special ops copter
Strike fighter
Apc invasion
Dome battleground
Combat vehicle attack
Attack turret
CLAW assault
Heavy armor outpost
Coastal intercept

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Here’s an updated list of my collection. Don’t think I’ve missed anything.

1x Light Armour Firebase
1x RIB Beach Assault
1x Desert Troopers
1x Seal Team
1x Heavy Armour Outpost

1x Jungle Troopers
1x Juggernaut
2x Guille Suit Sniper
1x Sniper Unit
1x Hovercraft
1x Ghosts Tactical Helicopter
1x Claw Assault
1x Desert Outpost

1x Brutus
1x Covert Ops Unit
1x Desert Squad
1x Strike Fighter

2x Riverboat Raid
1x Armoured Vehicle Charge
1x Wraith Attack
1x Anti-Aircraft Vehicle
1 Horseback Assault

2x ATV Ground Recon
1x Urban Assault Copter
3x Arctic Recon Armoury
1x Anti-Tank Gun
2x Modern Infantry Armoury

- 1x John Soap Mactavish
- 1x Fighter Ace
- 2x Hazmat Tech
- 1x Combat Medic
- 1x Specialist Outrider
- 1x Yuri
- 1x Keegan
- 1x Spectre
- 1x Incendiary Soldier
2x Jungle Satcom Armoury
3x Desert Air Defenders
1x Legends: Allied Soldiers
2x Legends: Enemy Soldiers
4x Motorbike Raid

2x Hazmat Armoury
5x WW2 Armoury
3x Close Quarters Weapons Crate
2x Sniper Weapons Crate
2x Assault Weapons Crate
2x Firebreak Weapons Crate
1x Desert Tactics Weapons Crate
1x Desert Snipers vs Mercenaries
3x Snowmobile Scout

Quite the upsize from last time.

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I have no idea.

I might organize and upload it later.

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