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10 year celebration custom!

Build by RedThree    Jan 22, 2019

10 year celebration custom!
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10 year celebration custom!
10 year celebration custom!
10 year celebration custom!
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Darthvit Feb 09, 2019

Although the color is a bit off, the custom is great overall and the story is very touching, good luck with the next creations!!


Survivor11 Jan 23, 2019

To me it looked like cool space marines fighting aliens when I first came across this. I was old enough that I should've known what halo was but my parents were pretty strict with videogames. Kids have it too easy these days.


JoeFilms Jan 22, 2019

Hey, Series 4 is what hooked me, too!


Rogue-Elite Jan 22, 2019

I have the shade.aswell but i destroyed it and never rebuilt it


81Ceta_Deta Jan 22, 2019

Fantastic Work! I literally have the shade too, but its destroyed.