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Image of: Kevin_MCX

2020 Preview: He-Man vs Beast Man

Build by Kevin_MCX    Aug 21, 2019

2020 Preview: He-Man vs Beast Man
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2020 Preview: He-Man vs Beast Man
2020 Preview: He-Man vs Beast Man
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Legendary_Toys Sep 25, 2019

Cant wait to get these guys . Just hope target will carrie them cause Walmart is out the picture.


aca1raven2002 Aug 25, 2019

This is AWESOME! I love the two pack layout its great for those who either missed out on the first release of the figures or want to build up there collection.


Kevin_MCX Aug 23, 2019

@Crisco, I mean, Snake Mountain is where Beast Man has his office after all. @Ashtalon, I hear you. We want to make sure the core characters stay in the line in 2020 with the ramp up to the movie in '21. Some fans are jumping on now and may have missed the first few versions of these characters.


jestermon Aug 22, 2019

They need to change the art work or change the sword in the package.


Crisco Aug 22, 2019

@Kevin_MCX the stand for He-Man is grayskull green, the stand for beastman is purple...Snake Mountain purple?