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Image of: GreenSpartan082

A Little Explanation...

Build by GreenSpartan082    Nov 18, 2019

A Little Explanation...

GreenSpartan082 Jan 26, 2020

@CA-ODST yeah, just waiting.


CA-ODST Jan 26, 2020

yo dude, are you still here


JoeFilms Nov 22, 2019

Heck, my line! Anywho, all’s well Green. We’ll reach 1,000 again soon!


OrangeTheGreat Nov 20, 2019

Before @JoeFilms sees GreenSpartan’s Thanos comment... Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good... (P.S. I Don’t care if you weren’t going to say it, or there was no justification... MWA HA HA)


SrgtGreen Nov 19, 2019

Hey! That’s how I feel about, well, most of my stuff! That’s also what I have considered doing... but I won’t. I might just make a “Remastered Version” of Srgt. Green’s Marines. Man that comic was scatter-brain.