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Image of: BUZZKILL3339

A well deserved rest

Build by BUZZKILL3339    Nov 30, 2017

A well deserved rest

BUZZKILL3339 Dec 01, 2017

To make them look dirty and damaged I spend about a hour adding a wash, scratches blood etc. I do commissions and what not and love taking photos with them!


HipySpartan3 Nov 30, 2017

How do you make them look bloody and dirty and like theve been through a fight?


BUZZKILL3339 Nov 30, 2017

Thanks all!


mrjustin412 Nov 30, 2017

Love the landscape, amazing detail on the figures, and just everything about this photo! I am very happy to see such a talented person come back to the gallery!


SpartanGregor113 Nov 30, 2017

This is incredible! It captures the ruggedness of war and the determination of the soldiers who fight in it.