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Image of: aiakos81

A10 Warthog

Build by aiakos81    May 30, 2016

A10 Warthog
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A10 Warthog
A10 Warthog
A10 Warthog
A10 Warthog
A10 Warthog
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Artie84 Dec 11, 2018

aiakos81 Any chance you could help me construct one? I actually have two harder kits and the a10 is my last missing piece from my collection. Any help would be appreciated


ODST_3288 Apr 14, 2018

Is it a A-10 Thunderbolt? Because I've never heard of a 'A-10 Warthog', but I really love how this looks! To be honest, it looks like an A-10 Thunderbolt from Battlefield 3.


JakeBadman Mar 25, 2018

Amazing build


Crater173 Nov 25, 2017

Dude this is awesome I love looking at planes. This looks like the real thing, especially with the minigun detail.


Jacobjparker Aug 01, 2017

How long did it take to even make that that's really cool