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Image of: aiakos81

A10 Warthog

Build by aiakos81    May 30, 2016

A10 Warthog
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A10 Warthog
A10 Warthog
A10 Warthog
A10 Warthog
A10 Warthog
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TheOriginalCollector Jan 12, 2020



JARAMILLO506 Nov 10, 2019

So amazing have TRIED to build one with the probuilder manual but this really is amazing Just bought pieces set of an ace will try to build a a10 any típs much apreciated


WWIIboy Sep 12, 2019

Amazing I love it and the actual plane.


DamienDE8102 Dec 27, 2018

Can you send me a part list and a set of instructions? Or even just any tips? I love the A-10 Warthog, it's my favorite aircraft!


Benne236 Dec 20, 2018

Definitely A10 warthog I've never heard of a thunderbolt. Great job I had a hard enough time building the two harriers I have lol