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Alternate Suppressor

Build by Plastic_Yank    Apr 07, 2019

Alternate Suppressor

UntotenWermahct Jul 01, 2019

the ironic thing is when i wrote that comment on June 7, i went to target right after i typed i and got a set with the new smg style. I tested this technique, and it worked! totally worth it!


UntotenWermahct Jun 07, 2019

i'll try that when i finally get at least one of those newer SMGs


Plastic_Yank Apr 08, 2019

@GreenSpartan02 I'll have to try that sometime.


81Ceta_Deta Apr 08, 2019

I know, not to mention i have multiple of each.


Haloguy092 Apr 08, 2019

Thank you