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Build by Haloguy092    Apr 17, 2019


jonnyfiyve Apr 19, 2019

I agree with @ValusWolf last comment. I hold the opinion that if you put something online others can get inspired, copy or build off of it. I see no reason why there couldn't be a forum post that keeps track of the main story and its official participants, vs others unofficial fan fiction around the story line/universe etc...


The-stop-sign-13 Apr 19, 2019

@ValusWolf, everyone here works hard on their comics, and for haloguy to hijack other peoples stuff is wrong. we all work hard on our comics, and what he tried to do wasn't fair.


GreenSpartan082 Apr 18, 2019

@ValusWolf is this really necessary. Nigel has put alot of work into establishing his Wasteland collaboration for awhile now, and it’s not particularly fair considering that Haloguy092 is pretty much trying implement himself into Nigel’s collaboration without even any sort of attempt to communicate with him to establish some basics that the collaboration needs to work. Also as a fellow comic creator, it does hurt when you say our comics are worthless. Look you might have no interest in our comics. I don’t hold that against you, but if you don’t have any interest in them, then don’t bother commenting on them and just look at what does interest you. Save everybody some time.


nigelninja11 Apr 18, 2019

@ValusWolf He’s not thinking outside the box, he’s hijacking my stuff! I can dictate what someone does to my brainchild. Buddy, you have just said the single most insulting thing to the creators of this website. You are praising him for plagiarism, and belittling me for protecting what I’ve created. If you care so little about this place and it’s users, why are you even here?! Collect your figures and leave us be.


joelion32 Apr 18, 2019

*Grabs popcorn*