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Image of: Silenttakedown

Another stop motion test

Build by Silenttakedown    Nov 14, 2019

Another stop motion test
Another stop motion test
Another stop motion test
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JoeFilms Nov 16, 2019

Very cool! Yeah, some more frames would be nice. However, you did have a very nice framerate to match the number of frames to make it pleasant to watch. You just need to get (or make) a stand for your camera.


kirrily_agus Nov 15, 2019

Getting better! You really should get a stand, even a homemade one will do great. I've been using one for years!


81Ceta_Deta Nov 14, 2019

Not bad. I agree


nigelninja11 Nov 14, 2019

I agree. Keep practicing!


Emersonian_06 Nov 14, 2019

The key to success in stop motion is patients LOTS! of patients👍