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Image of: Admiral-Sabree

Apocalypse. Pick your poison.

Build by Admiral-Sabree    Mar 28, 2017

Apocalypse. Pick your poison.
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Apocalypse. Pick your poison.
Apocalypse. Pick your poison.
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Admiral-Sabree Apr 12, 2017

@Fox117 the only characters up for grabs still are the two open helmet ladies, sorry everyone else is taken.


Fox117 Apr 11, 2017

can i be the silver odst with the sniper helmet nd right shoulder that is dual welding pistols


Admiral-Sabree Mar 30, 2017

@DBMAN1 yep you and everyone else. I'll do a recap post for the 487th Black Reapers who are still here and will be in resurgence with Apocalypse in act 3. Your character will also get a upgraded with the new drop pods most likly. I got a plot for you


charliebucket Mar 29, 2017

Cool thanks!


Admiral-Sabree Mar 29, 2017

@charliebucket yep