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Image of: Carnivius

April interviews Mirror Kirk

Build by Carnivius    Sep 09, 2017

April interviews Mirror Kirk

TheArbiter25 Sep 09, 2017



Carnivius Sep 09, 2017

Thanks people. Got hooked on these things after buying the TMNT OotS Cryo Chamber cheap and seeing just how great the figures were, now I have quite a few sets mostly TMNT Movie and Classics but a Star Trek and a Terminator and such too. Long may this company keep producing awesome sets for those of us who like a bit more realistic proportions and articulation in our brick-figures. :D


AiasOileus Sep 09, 2017

Nice but Kirk better watch out if he tries anything with her, because the turtles or Casey Jones are likely to knock him out. Nice photo though.


Boo101 Sep 09, 2017

Lol vary funny. Welcome to are humble home they call the gallery.


mrjustin412 Sep 09, 2017

Ha! Nice photo! Welcome to the gallery!