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Image of: HellJumper023

Back Again!

Build by HellJumper023    Mar 28, 2017

Back Again!
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Back Again!
Back Again!
Back Again!
Back Again!
Back Again!
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HipySpartan3 Apr 10, 2017

@HellJumper023 how did you get the red dot site on the SMG? And what paint do you use for the customs?


ccbrowning5 Mar 30, 2017

That is an epic SMG w/ red dot sight. Really want that fig!


DBMAN1 Mar 29, 2017

@HJ023 Oh I didn't no dat. THX :)


jabbathehut Mar 29, 2017

Thanks HellJumper!


HellJumper023 Mar 29, 2017

@Admiral-Sabree yes there is. Would you like an ODST or a different character. @HipySpartan3 yes, yes I did.