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Batman in the Crime Alley

Build by MegaC    May 31, 2018

Batman in the Crime Alley
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Batman in the Crime Alley
Batman in the Crime Alley
Batman in the Crime Alley
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Perck Aug 03, 2018

Hola, llevo semanas y figuras desperdiciadas por intentar hacerlo, ya tengo el cuerpo pero la cabeza es lo que no logro hacer, me darias un tip de como hiciste la mascara?


MegaC Jun 02, 2018

@SpartanGregor113 Yes, I do have some old Marvel figures, like Iron Man and Spider Man, but I just wish Mega will make some new figures with the new articulation, just like they did in the heroes series. I think the major problem for them is the copyright.


SpartanGregor113 Jun 02, 2018

They actually did used to make Marvel. They made iron Man, spider Man, and I think Captain America. Plus some more. Unfortunately, they stopped before the design was updated to be more articulated.


nigelninja11 Jun 01, 2018

Batman Arkham Knight!


DBMAN1 Jun 01, 2018

Batman has "The Feels".