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Image of: CrizionConstrux

Battle For it all

Build by CrizionConstrux    Apr 18, 2019

Battle For it all

TechnoHunter9 Mar 21, 2020

If you get any series 2 figures, maybe you could have Iceblaze be the main creature.


CrizionConstrux Apr 18, 2019

My favorite is to being even though my icon is black heart which is my second favorite I wish they had a torchwing icon


JoeFilms Apr 18, 2019

Go Torchwing!


Haloguy092 Apr 18, 2019

Nice picture and Caboose here wants to ask you something. Caboose: Yes hi nice person with dragons can I pet him?


Roadhog Apr 18, 2019

Can you tell me what one is your favorite