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Battle for the Ark Haul

Build by ccbrowning5    Nov 06, 2018

Battle for the Ark Haul

JoeFilms Nov 07, 2018

Oh, that makes more sense. I was about to say, "You only got these for $100? But if you're returnig most of 'em, that makes since.


Spartanz19 Nov 07, 2018

I thought the elite was T-posing at first. My mind is playing games with me...


nigelninja11 Nov 07, 2018

@ccbrowning5 who cares?


81Ceta_Deta Nov 06, 2018

GAAH!! MORE!!! Haha.. u lucky


ccbrowning5 Nov 06, 2018

Forgot to mention I'm returning $60 USD worth of them because they were duplicates.