Image of: Kevin_MCX


Build by Kevin_MCX    Sep 13, 2019


BlckWulf2501 Sep 20, 2019

at first you had my Curiosity, now you have my Attention!


jestermon Sep 18, 2019

I have no clue about the game but I'd load up on figures for customs and sets could be used for any theme.


Kevin_MCX Sep 18, 2019

@basicusername @eamey2, we're starting with Claptrap and we'll see how it goes. @DemarcationMedia, Claptrap works with both :) @monkEysxmoo35, Black Series ties together MCX's mature themes. Presently, it includes Game of Thrones, borderlands and Predator. @JoeFilms, we'll post mold test shot pictures of Claptrap later this week to give you guys an idea of what the figure will like.


Haloguy092 Sep 17, 2019

how are you going to make 150million wepons from the border land seires.


HALx-10 Sep 16, 2019

idk how i feel about this i never played borderlands