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Image of: Kevin_MCX


Build by Kevin_MCX    Sep 13, 2019


BorderLandsBuilder Nov 11, 2019

And the legacy continues...!! >:)


HALx-10 Oct 26, 2019

please expand black series


BlckWulf2501 Sep 20, 2019

at first you had my Curiosity, now you have my Attention!


jestermon Sep 18, 2019

I have no clue about the game but I'd load up on figures for customs and sets could be used for any theme.


Kevin_MCX Sep 18, 2019

@basicusername @eamey2, we're starting with Claptrap and we'll see how it goes. @DemarcationMedia, Claptrap works with both :) @monkEysxmoo35, Black Series ties together MCX's mature themes. Presently, it includes Game of Thrones, borderlands and Predator. @JoeFilms, we'll post mold test shot pictures of Claptrap later this week to give you guys an idea of what the figure will like.