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Image of: Kevin_MCX

Breakout BeastOR

Build by Kevin_MCX    Jan 30, 2020

Breakout BeastOR
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Breakout BeastOR
Breakout BeastOR
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ToyBuddha Feb 19, 2020

This guy looks like a MOTU fit.. Raises the question.. will we see any completely new MOTU designs in this MEGA MOTU line? hmmm?? I might have to grab some these breakout beasts.


Kevin_MCX Feb 10, 2020

@Spartanz19, it is a Xeno tail. Good catch. @Ratss454, well you know Skeletor, he is always up to no good.


Schildpad Feb 01, 2020

Amazing! Now I need to get even more Breakout Beasts.


Admiral-Sabree Jan 30, 2020

That's cool that there interchangeable.


Crisco Jan 30, 2020

This is cool! I love the option to customize these beasts