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Image of: imsobadboy

Bricktober Display for MCX Halo

Build by imsobadboy    Aug 24, 2019

Bricktober Display for MCX Halo

Emersonian_06 Oct 02, 2019

Can we get some close ups?


VinceHoffman Aug 26, 2019

This monster diorama is so much fun. It looks like a snapshot of a Halo Wars in-game battle brought to life. Well done.


JoeFilms Aug 25, 2019

Fantastic setup! I wish I had that many sets, and the room to film with them!


81Ceta_Deta Aug 24, 2019

I-I i am amazed. This is beautiful


imsobadboy Aug 24, 2019

Thanks guys the MOC set up took me around 17 hours to build and conceptualize that includes packing/storing everything in numbered boxes so I would only take me 4hours set up on the actual event.