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Brutes Or Elites ????

Build by joelion32    Aug 06, 2019

Brutes Or Elites ????

ValusWolf Aug 10, 2019



HALx-10 Aug 08, 2019

dude elites are way better


SpartanGregor113 Aug 08, 2019

@Simek 11-12 feet tall is quite large. The average height of a human being is in the 5ft-6ft range. Spartans are around 7 feet tall. 7'10 is almost a foot taller than a Spartan, which appears to be accurate if you look at Chief next to Arbiter in Halo 3. 11-12 feet tall is twice as tall as an average human being. I don't think Elites are quite that tall.


A_Dragonfishy Aug 08, 2019

Definitely Elites, but it's weird having brutes smaller than elites when they are a foot taller than them. Still cool figures though


joelion32 Aug 07, 2019

@Kevin_MCX Thank You !!:) @joefilms lol that was rather rude of that brute id say ! So Elites right ??? Lol @SpartanGregor113 i agree brutes are formidable enemies and They definitely live up to the name of Brutes . Elites to me though are (like you said) more honor bound and an Elite will let you get a weapon first before smashing You into the ground lol .