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Building Castle Grayskull

Build by Kevin_MCX    May 10, 2019

Building Castle Grayskull
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Building Castle Grayskull
Building Castle Grayskull
Building Castle Grayskull
Building Castle Grayskull
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Legendary_Toys Jun 21, 2019

Great job on the packaging. Love the art work . Really nailed it . Also the instructions are super great to follow . Pls Keep the line going . Would love to see a eternia n snake mountain one day


jestermon May 30, 2019

Pre-ordered it I hope comes sooner than expected


dizzyrizzy May 11, 2019

Ahhh!! This looks SO amazing. I've been a lifelong lego snob, but always looked at the guys who were doing MOTU in lego and wished lego would get the line somehow. But now I've purchased all these figures and I am going to pre-order grayskull. Way to go Mega Construx, you are KILLING IT with this line! Are those boxes the inserts that grayskull will come in? They look awesome too!


Crisco May 11, 2019

Thank you for posting these pics, it's awsome to see this set come to life.


81Ceta_Deta May 10, 2019

The color satisfies me....