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Image of: RedThree


Build by RedThree    Jan 21, 2020


Muto112 Jan 22, 2020

Saying about 1337 maybe with the new chief of the warthog it could be made just adding the numbers. I would love to see too Fal Chavamee, Haka and specially Kelly from the Package.


Cinimod64 Jan 22, 2020

I agree with everything. Legends was awesome and I would also buy fifty 1337s. Amazing custom as well!


Zarry Jan 22, 2020

Eh it's just cause he generally does it on a good looking custom figure post


RedThree Jan 22, 2020

@Zarry okay... I don't see why you gotta do it on my post but alright.


Zarry Jan 21, 2020

Lol sorry dude just mocking Whothecares. He goes around asking for people to look at his posts.