Image of: MountainMonster1

Can ya see the difference

Build by MountainMonster1    Apr 01, 2020

Can ya see the difference

81Ceta_Deta Apr 02, 2020

Nice. That app is incredibly useful


TechnoHunter9 Apr 02, 2020

Good remake!


SpartanGregor113 Apr 01, 2020

@Spartanz19 An older post of his. He added a muzzle flash and the cinematic black border.


Zarry Apr 01, 2020

Added a muzzle flash. If you want to respond to someone, put an @ before the person's name you're responding to. Like @Zarry.


Spartanz19 Apr 01, 2020

Well, what am I comparing it to? I kinda can't compare one thing.