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Image of: TheOriginalCollector

Check out the moon!!!!!!!!!!!

Build by TheOriginalCollector    Sep 13, 2019

Check out the moon!!!!!!!!!!!
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Check out the moon!!!!!!!!!!!
Check out the moon!!!!!!!!!!!
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Simek4 Sep 15, 2019

Well, Original, lets just say, I don't like any news channels in particular. I can find my own info if I look for it.


TheOriginalCollector Sep 14, 2019

@Simek4 That’s a relief! What news channels do you like?


Simek4 Sep 14, 2019

Hehehe, Original. I don't like FOX either......


ratss454 Sep 13, 2019

@Simek4 is allowed to like/dislike different media outlets.


81Ceta_Deta Sep 13, 2019

I just see it white...