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Christmas Contest: Extended

Build by SpartanGregor113    Jan 05, 2020

Christmas Contest: Extended

SpartanGregor113 Jan 22, 2020

@WhoThCares Yeah, sorry, it's coming. We have the winners decided, and I'm very sorry it's taking so long. I've been busy with ACT prep and Joe has had some gallery issues in general.


WhoThCares Jan 22, 2020

Hey when are you goming to announce winners


SpartanGregor113 Jan 07, 2020

@DBMAN1 Actually, 1 day. Today is the 7th.


DBMAN1 Jan 07, 2020

OK 2 days to post something Christmas-y, I can do that.


SpartanGregor113 Jan 06, 2020

@WhoThCares One entry is usually the agreed rule for Gallery Contests. But I did see that post, and it looks great as well.