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Image of: topnacho

Cobra Stinger

Build by topnacho    Sep 06, 2016

Cobra Stinger
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Cobra Stinger
Cobra Stinger
Cobra Stinger
Cobra Stinger
Cobra Stinger
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Stealth-soldier12 Nov 19, 2016

1 word, indescribable Amazing work!


Zarry Nov 15, 2016

You should get a reward for something like this.


Spartanz19 Sep 07, 2016

Absolutely beautiful!


topnacho Sep 06, 2016

Thanks for the kind words gentlemen. These two jeeps were a fun challenge. The rockets are made from a CoD Rocket Turret with the white tubes swapped out for black. I would have liked full red, but haven't found red tubes in a set yet.


VinceHoffman Sep 06, 2016

Amazing custom build. So sleek it looks like a COD set.