Image of: MegaC

Call of Duty Humvee slight customization

Build by MegaC    Feb 24, 2018

Call of Duty Humvee slight customization

MegaC Feb 25, 2018

I AM SO SORRY!!! I'm new to the Fan Gallery and I don't know how to delete my wrong photos. I tried the delete button underside but it's still not working! I really didn't mean to spammed the Gallery! I even don't know how to reply each comments but I really want to! Gosh, I'm so sorry! BTW,if anyone wanna see more details of my Custom Builds,you could search my channel on YouTube: Mega C 101


cod55 Feb 24, 2018

looks better than the regular set!


CarilletaReach2 Feb 24, 2018

Looks clean and more plane, good