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Colored Comic Turtles

Build by jestermon    Nov 20, 2018

Colored Comic Turtles

jestermon Nov 22, 2018

The bo and nunchucks are painted red but the sai are actually the single bag Raph's painted silver on top. I'm glad no one noticed the green being off, I couldn't match it


AiasOileus Nov 21, 2018

Mice I love them, I'm still looking for one more so I can have 4. I take it you painted the handles of the other 3 weapons to match Leo's katanas?


JoeFilms Nov 21, 2018

Wait, these aren't official figures? They look like it!


81Ceta_Deta Nov 20, 2018

Nice gang of Mikey!


mrjustin412 Nov 20, 2018

More great customs! They look really official!