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Coloring Office Teaser #4

Build by Cinimod64    Jun 11, 2019

Coloring Office Teaser #4

ShadoWarden23 Mar 18, 2020

@TheOriginalCollector in case you did not see Cinimod64's reply to your comment because he downed your name wrong, he essentially said no.


Cinimod64 Jun 12, 2019

@TheorininalCollector I'd prefer that you didn't. I'm planning to include Red team when the time is right.


TheOriginalCollector Jun 12, 2019

Cini, would you be open to the idea of me making the alternative side (red teams office) for the coloring office series?


Murple Jun 12, 2019

If Halo’s multiplayer objective was the same as Splatoon’s, the reds would always win.


JoeFilms Jun 12, 2019

Poor Pacc...