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Cortana H4

Build by Coreffall117    May 02, 2020

Cortana H4
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Cortana H4
Cortana H4
Cortana H4
Cortana H4
Cortana H4
Cortana H4
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CarilletaReach2 May 08, 2020

Inner wrist joint??? Wow how???


Brickbind117 May 07, 2020

I mean its not anything bad if mega made the exact same thing but its translucent. Also great painting!


Mexican--Guy May 04, 2020

this is cool, all those little details make this figure so nice keep it up :)


Ivan0435 May 04, 2020

I can't imagine a child playing with his figures then he pulls out a cortana like this, you can tell effort went into it, but I don't think this is appropiate for a gallery where many members are young children (with exceptions of course).


ShadoWarden23 May 03, 2020

Inapropriate and worse looking than originally. I don't think this should be allowed.