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Image of: Alphawolf117112

Current Covenant Vehicle army..

Build by Alphawolf117112    Feb 21, 2020

Current Covenant Vehicle army..

Alphawolf117112 Feb 21, 2020

@SrgtGreen agreed they should do larger covenant vehicles like locusts wraith shadows and specters instead of banshees and ghosts don't get me wrong I like those too but there's like what 7 different ghosts???


Alphawolf117112 Feb 21, 2020

are we talking the halo 5 wraith or? because the 97014 wraith set is my favorite wraith.


81Ceta_Deta Feb 21, 2020

We need more Wraiths. Nice collection!


Survivor12 Feb 21, 2020

New wraiths would be preferable @Alphawolf117112 @SrgtGreen


SrgtGreen Feb 21, 2020

Mega should make a new wraith. They should release all main vehicles of covenant cause all we seem to get are ghosts and banshees.