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Custom Blast From the Past

Build by BassCannon    May 14, 2019

Custom Blast From the Past

DragonBoy86 May 29, 2019

Nice custom set, bro! Looks kickass! I just wish I could post....


TheMegaContruxtors May 15, 2019

@SpartanGregor113 It's from the COD set that comes with a horse.


Muto112 May 15, 2019

I LOVE T!!! And welcome to the gallery


Cinimod64 May 14, 2019

Welcome to the gallery! I have one of those figures and fondly remember playing with him! Nice job recreating him!


SpartanGregor113 May 14, 2019

What are those flags from? Nato used them for a cape on one of his figures, and have always assumed he made it himself.