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Image of: TacticalSponge

Custom Figure

Build by TacticalSponge    Aug 28, 2017

Custom Figure
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Custom Figure
Custom Figure
Custom Figure
Custom Figure
Custom Figure
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Arby101 Dec 04, 2018

Looks a bit like CT from RvB. But wrong color.


TacticalSponge Aug 28, 2017

I'm glad you guys like it. @mrjustin412 I was a bit worried details would be obscured since this camera isn't the greatest. @Admiral-Sabree I think I like that one a bit more too.


charliebucket Aug 28, 2017

Awesome work, bro.


TheArbiter25 Aug 28, 2017



Admiral-Sabree Aug 28, 2017

Ooo really good. I like the odst version better but thats cause I'm a sucker for odst