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Custom Halo 5 Chief

Build by Cinimod64    May 09, 2019

Custom Halo 5 Chief
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Custom Halo 5 Chief
Custom Halo 5 Chief
Custom Halo 5 Chief
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SpartanGregor113 May 10, 2019

Looks great! As others have said, the visor could use some work, but the armor paint job is very well done


Zaz09z91 May 10, 2019

Down boy! Good boy!


81Ceta_Deta May 10, 2019

He looks great! The visor is bit bad, but the rest is great!


Murple May 10, 2019

He has a job to do!


RedThree May 10, 2019

A lot better than my visor work! Seriously, I tried to paint a marine helmet, and it turned out HORRID. Great custom!