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CusTom paint apps

Build by Spartan0906    Jan 16, 2017

CusTom paint apps
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CusTom paint apps
CusTom paint apps
CusTom paint apps
CusTom paint apps
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SpartanGregor113 Jan 17, 2017

Those are incredible! Nice work! I would totally buy those if they were on the market... or if I even had enough money... :D


DBMAN1 Jan 17, 2017

Epic paints dude! The solder is my favorite out of all of them!


Spartan0906 Jan 17, 2017

Thanks 4 the suggestions I like that the edges are like that because it kinda looks like they've been in combat before.


RuCat757 Jan 16, 2017

Going over with a clear coat will keep them shiny and the paint won't chip! That yellow guy is awesome


CarilletaReach2 Jan 16, 2017

I like, I comment