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Custom Spartan Hayabusa

Build by Kevin_MCX    Nov 12, 2018

Custom Spartan Hayabusa
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Custom Spartan Hayabusa
Custom Spartan Hayabusa
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HaloFanForLife Apr 03, 2019

Man, I wish you folks could get permission to make Hasyabusa Spartans again. Loved the originals. Super articulated ones would ROCK!


tyzikcase Apr 03, 2019

glad to see we'll all get the chance to make a custom blue Hayabusa once the 10th Anniversary blind pack hits store shelves. that blue Helioskrill should serve as the perfect body for the blue Hayabusa's helmet. great custom, keep up the good work :)


True_Savage Apr 01, 2019

Any chance we will see a hayabusa in a new set?


Sunseaus Dec 19, 2018

pretty good


81Ceta_Deta Nov 12, 2018

Looks great! I have that Helioskrill, but the body color is darker then the head. :(