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Image of: kingcastlesieger

Custom (WIP) Deacon

Build by kingcastlesieger    Nov 29, 2019

Custom (WIP) Deacon
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Custom (WIP) Deacon
Custom (WIP) Deacon
Custom (WIP) Deacon
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81Ceta_Deta Nov 30, 2019

I love him!


Muto112 Nov 30, 2019

Its looking very well done!!


kingcastlesieger Nov 30, 2019

Sure! Go ahead, I don't mind if anyone makes customs that I've done.Halo is for the community!


nigelninja11 Nov 30, 2019

Oof! I was going to start one when I got back from vacation, but you beat me to it! Can I have your permission to make one, without looking like I’m copying you?


Magnus913 Nov 30, 2019

I didnt think White would look so good on a grunt.