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Dear Gallery... Let's Talk

Build by JoeFilms    Aug 09, 2019

Dear Gallery... Let's Talk

THEranger01 Dec 30, 2019



NATE-DOG Aug 31, 2019

This makes a Lot of sense


WhoThCares Aug 16, 2019

Ah now I understand why the gallery was quiet this week besides the bonfire post I made. I totally agree with this and shall handle bonfire work un less somebody has an idea that I cant do they can do in my stead.


SpartanGregor113 Aug 12, 2019

@ValusWolf Sure, memes can exist on the Gallery, but they shouldn't drown out the rest of the content on the Gallery.


ValusWolf Aug 10, 2019

Idk man . It’s just a Gallery, Memes are here like it or not. I wouldn’t take it too serious.. just have fun don’t worry about who sees or posts whatever do your own thing and be happy. Or Don’t. Either way it is what it is.