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Death to Shrubs

Build by Haloguy092    May 12, 2019

Death to Shrubs
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Death to Shrubs
Death to Shrubs
Death to Shrubs
Death to Shrubs
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FoeJilms May 13, 2019

@Simek4 FoeJilms has now served his one purpose and will never be used again. No worries here. :)


The-stop-sign-13 May 13, 2019

@joeFilms oh lol, I thought It was you, but I wasn't completely sure


Simek4 May 13, 2019

This is nasty!! WHO IS @FoeJilms!! WHY OH WHY DID I START THIS FALSE ACCOUNT THING!!!! *groan*


JoeFilms May 12, 2019

@Haloguy092 I don't quite see what you mean. You want people to copy you? @The-stop-sign-13 you know Bush Industries, right? Well, (I suppose for the sake of starting another Bush War) he make a "fake Murple" account named Purmle, and this Purmle created Shrub Industries. A lor of fake "Shrub" accounts sprung up, so I made one and left a comment. Don't worry, though. That's the last you'll see of FoeJilms. I already forgot the password anyways, haha.


Haloguy092 May 12, 2019

@Foefilms @Joefilms @Purmle why can’t people copy me?