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Destiny 2 Game Days w/ Delta

Build by SpartanDelta444    Oct 28, 2018

Destiny 2 Game Days w/ Delta

Zaz09z91 Apr 24, 2019

I sorta agree with survivor on fortnite. I just don't really like battle royale games.


Nilbog Nov 01, 2018

@SpartanDelta444 yea i agree. I see so many post with him chiming in with a lot of unnecessary negativity. I understand constructive criticism but he's just plain rude.


SpartanDelta444 Oct 28, 2018

Wow I can tell u have no soul


nigelninja11 Oct 28, 2018

I'll play with you! Go to the game night forum please and we'll discuss


Survivor11 Oct 28, 2018

Fortnite sux. Destiny sux. Over watch sux. Basically the only decent thing you play on Xbox is Halo. That's enough for me.