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DoD(G) Concept: Forsaken Flood

Build by SpartanGregor113    Jul 10, 2019

DoD(G) Concept: Forsaken Flood
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DoD(G) Concept: Forsaken Flood
DoD(G) Concept: Forsaken Flood
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NatoGreavesy Jul 10, 2019

That is delightfully creepy.


nigelninja11 Jul 10, 2019

That seems... Dark... Darker... yet Darker...


SpartanGregor113 Jul 10, 2019

@nigelninja11 Heh, funny you say that... the Forsworn, (aka the powerful entity in the background of my DoD(G)) has a design inspired by Gaster, and I'm making it so that he can possess the dead (or the flood) or those that shake his hand. So basically he's going to be a mix between Gaster and Bill Cipher. @CarilletaReach2 Actually, Forsaken is the name of anything possessed by the Forsworn, my comic's powerful entity.


81Ceta_Deta Jul 10, 2019



basicusername Jul 10, 2019

Looks very corrupted