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Image of: Murple

Don't Y-Pose and drive

Build by Murple    Jan 10, 2020

Don't Y-Pose and drive
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Don't Y-Pose and drive
Don't Y-Pose and drive
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81Ceta_Deta Jan 10, 2020

Its worse than texting and driving.


Cinimod64 Jan 10, 2020

"Please keep your hands, arms and feet safely inside the ride at all times. Unless someone is y-posing, then juMP OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!"


Acehalonerd1128 Jan 10, 2020

Those poor marines. Rip


Murple Jan 10, 2020

@nigelninja11 That’s exactly my point!


Zarry Jan 10, 2020

t p o s e a n d f l y