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DOOM Custom Contest

Build by Muto112    Dec 01, 2019

DOOM Custom Contest

RisingPew Dec 11, 2019

Holy crap! That’s amazing! Splendid job!


Muto112 Dec 10, 2019

@Inkonic1 just only in the project post


Inkonic1 Dec 10, 2019

How do we enter? Just put that hashtag on our project post? Or do we add the tag on insta/twitter?


Muto112 Dec 06, 2019

@SrgtGreen Right now I am more confused instead of happy since it sounds strange to me that this post received a staff pic as well as the post of the 1000 pages (which I also received) XD.


SrgtGreen Dec 05, 2019

This might be the only contest page to get a staff pick. Congrats!