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Image of: Survivor11

Eternal war.

Build by Survivor11    Feb 10, 2020

Eternal war.
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Eternal war.
Eternal war.
Eternal war.
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TechnoHunter9 Mar 27, 2020

The Spartan in centre is the one I'll be using for my custom, just so you know.


TheOriginalCollector Feb 11, 2020

It’s just the Survivor11 edition of Stalingrad


Survivor11 Feb 11, 2020

@nigelninja11 A surprise attack from a foe long thought to have left the galaxy (the Banished) destroyed the home fleet that was being refitted in orbit, with the exception of the ultra-carrier which is currently dead in space as the crew fights boarding parties. @WhoTheCares This comic series started mid 2017 with Dawn of Death S1... Invasion started in late 2018...


WhoThCares Feb 10, 2020

This reminds me about my au side story I did when I first joined the site as a poster last year. The one you kinda did not follow. But I can hope my idea sparked this one


nigelninja11 Feb 10, 2020

Is that two posts in one day?! I’m impressed! Also why is Nargo so threatened? What happened to that epic fleet and billions of troops in the military?