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Image of: TheSSMotionTom

Falcon Down

Build by TheSSMotionTom    Nov 17, 2019

Falcon Down

EthanDavisAnimations Nov 19, 2019

This is a cool picture! I understand why you don't like shooting with bigger vehicles though. :)


Cinimod64 Nov 18, 2019

I can see why it's not YOUR favorite. Most of your other posts have a central focus. This one doesn't have that bug central focus on something. However, it still looks really good. I love how the falcon is out of focus, and Noble 6 is protecting the pilot. The best? Maybe not. Super cool? Heck ya!


OrangeTheGreat Nov 18, 2019

Amazing work!


TheSSMotionTom Nov 18, 2019

Thanks for the outpouring of love, guys. I just wish this pic had ended up coming across a little bit more dynamic! I think stuff like posing, etc. could be improved. That said, I really appreciate all the support. :)


kirrily_agus Nov 18, 2019

Amazing! Have to say this otherwise comment's too short lol